Davanco has an excellent reputation for providing weed management, control and eradication solutions throughout South East Queensland. Davanco possesses an extensive range of equipment ensuring quality ecological services are delivered throughout many ecological zones, including aquatic, wetland, riparian and rainforest. Davanco is flexible in approach, ensuring our client’s expectations are met on time and within budget. Our qualified Bush Regeneration Specialists are highly skilled and are invested in our surrounding environment and the pursuit of all aspects of ecological restoration.

Davanco conducts all weed management activity from the following weed removal hierarchy:

  • Manual
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical

Prioritising the use of manual weed removal techniques is crucial to the way we deliver our services, with mechanical, steam and chemical techniques used accordingly as the site dictates. Chemical use within Davanco is progressively being reduced to ensure the safety of both client and employee and the surrounding native flora and fauna.

Davanco is guided by all interested parties within the bush regeneration industry and is keen to stay ahead of client expectations by delivering new and proven techniques into the future.