Davanco has delivered hundreds of planting projects across south-east Queensland for numerous clients with a diverse range of restoration aims and objectives. In addition to practical experience our technique has been devised in accordance with several resources including, the South East Queensland Ecological Restoration Framework: Code of Practice, Guideline and Manual (2012).

Davanco has extensive experience in undertaking a broad range of planting types including plantings to rehabilitate woodland, grassland, rainforest, riparian and wetland ecological zones throughout south-east Queensland.

Davanco Bush Regenerators are highly skilled in native plant installation and take pride in our 95% survival rate.  Follow-up maintenance is prioritised to ensure pressures from pests, lack of rainfall, erosion and vandalism are mitigated, ensuring plants survive long-term.

Our planting services include:

  • Supply and installation of tubestock and/or mature plants
  • Supply and installation of treeguards and stakes
  • Supply and installation of soil conditions, fertilisers and water crystals

All products are sourced from trusted long-term suppliers prioritising providence and health of tubestock at all times.