Erosion control is essential for the protection of riparian and rehabilitation sites throughout South East Queensland.  Sediment control and erosion mitigating techniques are at the forefront of land rehabilitation.

Davanco can deliver specialist knowledge, services and management plans to mitigate any erosion issues you are facing and develop strategies for the future of your site.

Davanco employees are qualified in all aspects of erosion control including the installation of:

Bio-retention Basins:  A vegetated areas where runoff is filtered through sandy loam and collected in drains before water re-enters waterway

Swale Drain:    A shallow ditch lined with gravel/rocks, to direct water run-off and prevent soil erosion in surrounding area.

Jute Mesh:  An open weave mesh used on embankments that already have existing or newly installed vegetation.  Jute mesh is biodegradable and helps to retain moisture and allow for vegetation growth.

Coir Logs:  These natural erosion barriers are biodegradable and are created for a range of areas including riverbanks and along drainage lines. The coir or coconut fibre is enclosed in mesh and simply laid along the area that needs to be protected from erosion.  Plants can be installed within the coir log or immediately adjacent to enhance erosion mitigation.