The aim of bush regeneration, also known as ‘natural area restoration’, is to restore and maintain healthy ecosystems by facilitating the natural regeneration of indigenous flora.  This is usually achieved by selectively reducing the competitive interaction with invasive species, or mitigation of negative influences such as weeds or erosion.

Invasive plant species are often the greatest threat to remnant vegetation, and therefore bush regeneration is closely associated with weed management activities. Weed management is used to increase native plant recruitment and minimise exotic species threat.

Davanco prioritises education of the local community, including school students, of the opportunities available to take part and involve themselves in the promotion of local species, establishment of wildlife corridors and the processes involved in achieving a healthy local environment for all flora, fauna and humans alike.

Davanco has a registered teacher on staff available to devise programs for school students and teachers alike.  Additionally, Davanco is able to devise teaching programs focussing on native planting, assisted revegetation, and natural regeneration.

Contact us to for information on how we can tailor-make educational sessions for all age-groups in either classroom or outdoor settings.