Aquatic Weed Management

Aquatic weeds in Australia pose a serious threat to the ecological balance of lakes, waterways, rivers and wetlands and are responsible for the:

  • Reduction of biodiversity through suppression of native vegetation
  • Prevention of germination of native species
  • Reduction of natural habitat for both flora and fauna in the aquatic and riparian environments
  • Interference of natural flow of waterways
  • Causation of oxygen depletion in entire aquatic ecosystems resulting in death of fauna and flora species en masse.

Aquatic weeds like Salvinia molesta in particular, have a significant negative effect on the health of our waterways and as such Davanco has developed methods via manual, mechanical and chemical techniques to assist with your aquatic weed control including services such as:

  • Hand-pulling, netting, boom installation, scooping and bagging for waste disposal
  • Harvesting, conveyor belt disposal, manual
  • Considered use of chemicals approved for waterway use via backpack sprayer

Davanco can devise and implement a successful weed management plan to address any aquatic weed infestation, including mapping, identifying priority weed targets and using appropriate techniques for each unique situation.